Yes!  Here at Acclaim Technical Software we are now offering you MULTI-USER SOFTWARE and free support for 2 months when you purchase the fast and efficient Acclaim Medical Software.  The full multi-user software (for up to 26 users in a network) is now just $1,275 including two (2) months' subscription to our Software Support and Update Service, normally $396 each six months.  You may phone us to order the software on 02 98733300 and you can start using it within a few days.
The software handles all your Patient Accounts, Patient Records,  Appointments, Letters, Bookkeeping and even Payroll.

(02) 98733300
You will appreciate the speed and ease of use, as well as a unique PIN security system preventing anyone else from reading your patient information, even if they have our software.  You may read more information on the Features page and phone 02 98733300 for a FREE DEMO DISK.

ONLY $1,275